When we face difficulties, embarrassment, and unknown, everyone around you reminds you to be more sophisticated, more mature, and more independent. You can't help but shrink, cowardice, and doubt.

And when we project bravery and self-confidence on an object, we can hypnotize ourselves. As long as we accompany and depend on each other, we can find hope and love, even if we are hurt, we can see the distance. That silicone sex doll is such a thing.

The other people actually have their own exclusive company. The cousin dressed up for his cat, the female colleague drew warmth from the teddy bear, and the male colleague was anxious about losing the collected toy model.

There are many things that pin your emotions. Their company in hard times can help you resist loneliness and grow splendidly.

There are not so many fairy tale endings in life, but there are many such absurd plots. A similar story sounds a bit peculiar, and is incompatible with most people's three views. But in the face of these "strange people", we can be more friendly and understanding.