Monday night on Bachelor in Paradise, there was a title card in tribute to the late David Del Fonzo. That has fans wondering who this person is.


Here is what you need to know about David Del Fonzo, the man tributed on tonight’s episode.

Who is David Del Fonzo?

The episode of Bachelor in Paradise was “in loving memory” of David Del Fonzo. So, who is David Del Fonzo?


According to Carter Matt, David Del Fonzo has been part of the staff at Bachelor Nation for a very long time.


Del Fonzo worked for the shows in a variety of roles throughout the years. He was the senior story producer, he was an executive assistant to creator Mike Fleiss, and he was a digitizer and an assistant editor.


David Del Fonzo was a long-time employee and friend in the Bachelor world of television shows. He died recently, although there is no word on how long ago it was.

According to IMDb, Del Fonzo worked on The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise, The Bachelorette, Copycat, and Bachelor Pad.

David had a part in the production of the Bachelor shows for many years, and left the world with many loved ones and friends, and the tribute on Bachelor in Paradise tonight was a small part of them honoring their long-time friend.

Tributes for David Del Fonzo

Independent filmmaker Jasmine Teran left a nice tribute for David Del Fonzo, saying that Bachelor in Paradise is “pointless trash” but was thoughtful in their dedication to Del Fonzo, who Teranm knew since college.

Jasmine Teran@jasminegoesto11

I watch Bachelor in Paradise for the pointless trash of it all, but am thankful for their thoughtfulness in remembering David Del Fonzo tonight. I have great college memories, and he is in so many of them. A gem of a guy gone way too soon. ?

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Anna Robinson, who was part of Bachelor Nation, called David Del Fonzo a friend and said that he was who made her Bachelor dream come true. She then thanked him for everything he did for her and her family.

Anna Robinson@AnnaHappygirl10

I just find out that my friend David Del Fonzo passed away.,,. He was the guy who made my bachelor dream come true ❤️ Del, I can’t thank you enough for all you did for me and my family! I’m so saddened by your… 

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If that last tweet is any indication, it sounds like David Del Fonzo died likely at the start of August.