Which Masks Actually Protect Against Coronavirus?
    Surgical Masks vs. Respirators There are two different types of masks: surgical masks and respirators. If worn by the caregiver, the surgical mask protects the patient and his or her environment (air, surfaces, equipment, surgical site). If worn by a contagious patient, it prevents the patient from contaminating his or her surroundings and environment. These masks should not be worn for more than 3 to 8 hours.   A surgical mask can also protect the wearer from the risk of splashes of...
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    Ben Roethlisberger tombe au combat
    PITTSBURGH - Russell Wilson a lancé trois passes de touché, dont une de 28 verges à la recrue DK Metcalf, et les Seahawks de Seattle ont résisté à une poussée des Steelers de Pittsburgh pour l'emporter 28-26, dimanche. Les Steelers ont perdu le quart Ben Roethlisberger tard en première demie et ils ont glissé à 0-2 pour une première fois depuis 2013, et ce, malgré le bon travail du substitut Mason Rudolph....
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    Buffalo Bills earn thrilling Week 1 win Jets despite Josh Allen’s struggles
    The Buffalo Bills were able to overcome a slow start in their first game of the season, defeating their division rivals 17-16. The 2019 NFL season kicked off Sunday, with the Buffalo Bills defeating their division rival New York Jets 17 -16. Buffalo was able to overcome some truly sloppy quarterback play early, as young passer Josh Allen battled through a rusty two quarters that saw the Jets take the early lead.       TOP ARTICLES3/6READ...
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    Steven Universe: The Movie epitomizes Steven’s inescapable saga of love and conflict
    After spending five seasons learning how to control his powers, manage the gem and human sides of his life, and cleaning up after his mother’s mistakes, he — and the rest of the Crystal Gems — frankly deserve a break. And it seems that they got one: after the climactic events of “Change Your Mind,” a new period of detente has spread across the universe with the gradual dissolution of the Gem Empire. Steven is finally getting along with his somewhat...
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    NHL analyst Nick Kypreos leaving Sportsnet after 21 years
    Analyst Nick Kypreos will not be returning to Sportsnet for the 2019-20 season, the former NHLer announced in a statement on Twitter Wednesday. After much consideration, Sportsnet and I have decided to part ways. I am proud to have been part of our growth since we launched in October of 1998 and thankful they took a chance on me so long ago. I am truly grateful to have had twenty-one years of a post playing career. From covering Sid’s golden goal in Vancouver to a Saturday...
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    ProJared Releases Defense Video Regarding Nude Photo Accusations
    ared “ProJared” Knabenbauer has finally offered a full response to the allegations brought against him in May, in which he was accused of actively soliciting nude photos from fans, including from two individuals in particular who were underage. In the video, which has already been watched hundreds of thousands of times in the first few hours of its release, ProJared said that the accusations against him were “false.” He then went on to say he had...
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    Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $572M for fuelling Oklahoma's opioid crisis
    An Oklahoma judge has found Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiaries helped fuel the state's opioid drug crisis and ordered the consumer products giant to pay $572 million US to help address the problem. Cleveland County District Judge Thad Balkman's ruling followed the first state opioid case to make it to trial and could help shape negotiations over roughly 1,500 similar lawsuits filed by state, local and tribal governments consolidated before a federal judge in Ohio. "The opioid...
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    Steve King Asks if There Would Be ‘Any Population’ Left Without Rape and Incest
    Representative Steve King of Iowa, a Republican whose history of making racist and divisive remarks led him to be stripped of his committee assignments earlier this year, questioned Wednesday if there would “be any population of the world left” if it were not for rape and incest. His comment drew swift condemnation from top House Republicans and at least one called for him to resign. Mr. King, who represents a deeply conservative district in northwest Iowa, made the...
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    据悉,eBay论坛版主近日表示,为支持卖家业务的全球性发展,该公司已将卖家纳入其“Cross Border Listing Program”(跨境listing计划),由第三方供应商WebInterpret提供支持。该项目正在进行中,是面向部分卖家的可选择性的推广活动,对于不参与该计划的其他卖家,可以选择退出。 一些卖家收到电子邮件且告知他们已报名参加此计划,但当他们联系eBay时,其客服代表无法提供信息,甚至无法确认电子邮件的有效性。对此,卖家需要警惕营销电子邮件的可信度,确保是否为真实通知。 eBay的论坛版主在帖子中写道:“这项服务是免费的,我们很乐意提供给卖家使用,以提高他们的知名度并最终促进他们的销售。”该版主还表示,该计划可转化符合条件的listing,并在6个主要的eBay网站列出。这些listing不会重复,也不会产生插入费用。此外,使用Global Shipping Program(全球运送计划)的listing不会包括在内。  
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    知识产权规则保护的是所有卖家知识产权,限制卖家销售任何未经授权的产品,因此AliExpress将惩罚侵犯了任何第三方知识产权的卖家。 例如,有一些卖家正在销售带有双接口的iPhone USB线。如果销量大,其他卖家可能会出售同样的产品,如果他们没有得到任何授权,就会违反销售这些双接口USB线的行为。AliExpress致力于保护每一个卖家的知识产权,一旦他们发现了这些未经授权的卖家,他们就会惩罚他们。处罚包括产品移除和商店排名下降。 在下面的描述中,我将介绍哪些具体操作可能违反知识产权保护规则。 A、带有品牌名称的产品名称 AliExpress可以通过关键词搜索轻松地收集这些产品的名称,一旦发现侵权行为速卖通就会给予惩罚。例如,一些卖家可能会在AliExpress上添加世界知名品牌,以便在搜索引擎中获得更高的店面排名。然而,这绝对违反了保护规定,因为这些卖家大多没有得到这些品牌的授权。因此,需要注意的是,卖家不应该上传未经授权的品牌的任何信息,比如产品标题或产品图片。 B、用品牌名称来命名店铺  ...
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